Learning from within the heart of the church

Academic Formation

The academic program of the Master of Theological Studies for the New Evangelization provides a comprehensive exploration of the truths of the Catholic faith.  In addition to the Friday Formation Colloquium, the MTS degree requires sixteen (16) courses – comprised of fourteen (14) core courses and two (2) electives.   Philosophy, Scripture, the Church Fathers, and Saint Thomas Aquinas will serve as touchstones throughout the sequence of MTS courses.  An MTS student can complete the degree in two years if s/he attends full-time.  A student may also fulfill the degree requirements over a longer period of time – attending courses part-time.

Students must complete, as a prerequisite, one of the Foundational Certificates (either the Catechetical or Catholicism Certificate), which Saint John’s Seminary offers.  Both of these foundational certificates center upon the teachings of the Catholic faith from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Students may, however, complete the Certificate Program during their first year of study in the MTS program.  Lastly, students must either submit to comprehensive examinations or successfully defend a Master’s thesis prior to the completion of their degree.

The required courses for the MTS program are listed below.  All MTS students meet with the Theological Institute’s academic advisor to determine the actual order and sequence of course completion – which ensures that students fulfill the intellectual expectations of the MTS Program. 

A typical full-time MTS schedule would appear as follows:


Fall Semester

TH500 Fundamental Theology

OT500 Old Testament

TH515 God:  One and Three

PH500 Faith and Reason

      FC100 Friday Formation Colloquium

Spring Semester

NT500 New Testament

CH500 Church History

TH550 Christology

FC200 Friday Formation Colloquium



Fall Semester

MT500 Moral Theology

TH513 New Evangelization

MT506 Catholic Social Doctrine

FC300 Friday Formation Colloquium



Spring Semester

ST500 Liturgy and Sacraments

TH514 Theological Anthropology

MT551 Theology of the Body

TH551 Ecclesiology

FC400 Friday Formation Colloquium