Learning from within the heart of the church

Academic Formation

The academic program can be completed in a minimum of two years. It consists of a curriculum of at least thirty-seven academic credits. Eleven core courses cover the disciplines of philosophy, systematic theology, Scripture, Church history, sacramental theology, and moral theology. In addition, two electives, including one in spirituality, and another in an area supportive of future ministry, complete the academic requirements. Electives may be taken at any of the schools in the Boston Theological Institute in areas that pertain to the life and mission of the Catholic Church, with the approval of the Associate Academic Dean. Students must complete, as a prerequisite, the Catechetical Certificate Program offered by the Theological Institute. This program offers an overview of the teachings of the Catholic faith, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Students may, should they prefer, complete the Certificate Program during their first year of study in the M.A.M. program A typical sequence for a full-time M.A.M. degree student would be as follows:


Fall Semester                                                                Spring Semester

PH500 Faith and Reason (3)                                        CH500 Church History (3)

TH500 Fundamental Theology (3)                               NT500 New Testament (3)

OT500 Old Testament (3)                                             TH516 Christology/Trinity (3)



Fall Semester                                                               Spring Semester

MT500 Moral Theology (3)                                             ST500 Liturgy and the Sacraments (3)

MM500 Canon Law (3)                                                  TH551 Ecclesiology (3)

THPT500 New Evangelization/Pastoral Counseling (3)     


Two electives are required over the course of the M.A.M. program.