Learning from within the heart of the church

Apostolic Formation

The goal of the pastoral formation component is to provide learning opportunities through experiential engagement in Church life and lay ministries. The students, who come with a wide range of ecclesial and ministerial experience, acquire skills in the design, implementation, and assessment of educational, spiritual, and social service programs in support of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church. Under the guidance of field supervisors, with built in structures for reflection and professional skill-building seminars, the students are assisted in integrating their experience and preparing to collaborate in the mission of the Church. A field education placement will be arranged to include a minimum of four hours each week or 50 hours per semester of on-site experience and regular meeting s with a supervisor for four semesters. Clinical Pastoral Education may replace the traditional parish/institution site. To fulfill credit requirements for field education, the following documentation must be submitted in a timely manner to the Director of Field Education:

Periodic formal evaluations by field education supervisors, attendance at the two Evenings of Formation with supervisors (including presentations of a critical incident), written monthly reflections, as well as any requested supplemental materials. Three credits are awarded per semester.