Learning from within the heart of the church

Human Formation

The effort to create and build community life in an ongoing fashion is central to supporting growth in living a Christian life. Periodic workshops bring students together to promote self-knowledge and a deeper awareness of strengths and limitations addressing issues such as self-esteem, conflict management, and healthy working relationships. The Formation Advisor, in consultation with the student, will periodically make a formal assessment of the progress of the student in personal development. During the course of the program, students have opportunities to develop:

  • the capacity for self-acceptance and tolerance of the imperfections of others
  • the ability to work with others in a spirit of cooperation
  • a healthy personality: honest, sensitive communication, observance of professional boundaries, emotional stability, the ability to trust others, freedom from the need to control people and situations;
  • recognition of and respect for authority, and the ability to exercise authority in an appropriate manner;
  • competent leadership skills
  • conflict management skills
  • the capacity for empathy
  • self-awareness of the dynamics of human sexuality
  • a balanced commitment to family and to spiritual and recreational values for a holistic life; and
  • a commitment to further self-development and professional enrichment.